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About Us

Firm History and Philosophy

Glenn R. Millar founded the Firm on April 23, 1985 upon his withdrawal from a local accounting firm. Prior to working for the local accounting firm, Mr. Millar worked as an Internal Revenue Agent for over 6 years.

The founder has had a successful history of fulfilling client needs in a local accounting firm. He has an excellent reputation for quality work, reliability, and fairness that is a tribute to himself and the professional and office staff that have worked for him over the years.

The Firm's main business objectives are to provide clients with a service of value to them, to provide employees a rewarding place to work of which they can be proud, to make enough profit to enable the principal/shareholder and the Firm's employees to obtain their personal goals, and to meet the Firm’s other objectives.

In order to meet these objectives, all employees must be professional in what they do. The Firm expects only high quality work, fairness and honesty between the Firm’s employees and with the Firm’s clients, and every employee to contribute to improve productivity and quality. The Firm cannot rest on the status quo; all employees must work together to improve and grow. Ideally, competent, neat, punctual, courteous, and level headed employees can achieve in a short time what may take others years.

As a professional public accounting firm, services that are provided by the Firm include:

  • Income tax preparation services, both personal and business
  • Accounting services, including bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements
  • Reporting services on financial presentations of historical data
  • Consulting services on matters that include business succession planning, strategic planning, and business plans
  • Litigation support services involving compliance with professional standards

Our Team

Glenn R. Millar, CPA (623) 878-4111

Jennifer M. Millar, CPA (623) 878-4111

Ruth S. Donovan, CPA (623) 878-4111

Candee Wooten - Executive Assistant (623)878-4111